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interest rates

Interest rates!

Interest Rate Rise Raises Interest in Recession Speculation: Interest rates rose by 0.25% recently to stave off inflation. Was this a wise move? I’d like to think that those in charge know what they are doing, but when they justify the action, one that will plunder more families into poverty,…


Adapting to Omicron and Covid-19 … The best Christmas Party yet

We learned recently that new restrictions are necessary to protect us all from the new Omicron variant of our now all too familiar foe - Covid 19: Whilst Office parties are not banned, the fun will be knocked out by the muffled conversations of mask wearing party goers. However, at…


There Be A Storming Coming

Beware the winds early on Saturday morning, which could be very potent for a short time, as a developing mini-low pressure (what the Daily Express would call a “Weather Bomb”) is hurtling towards us on a powerful amplified jet, angled north to south: See the web link - which shows…


Winters first appearance

After an almost uninterrupted balmy Autumn of breathtaking mildness, bar a brief spell of 2-3 frosts, the jet stream has become increasingly amplified and has finally tipped under the UK (rather than in summer mode - to its north, as it has been for much of the autumn). This is…

sst anomaly

Just enjoyed a quiet weekend

Just enjoyed a quiet weekend, before the craziness of the advent period. My wife and I went for a beach walk yesterday in beautiful North Norfolk, and remarked just how it mild has been. Especially yesterday, so mild in fact that children were building sandcastles and paddling about in the…

cop 26

COP 26

The last climate conference was marred by Ostriches and the evil minded - peddling fake news that climate change is a hoax. Even From my own evidence of weather data - it shows the warming and when I recall my late father’s account of learning his ice skating skills on…



Viper – I spotted this fine specimen, one of the 3 British species, crossing a coastal path. The snake, which grows to about 30 inches (76cm) long, is common throughout mainland Britain. Their red mouths look scary, and they are our only venomous snakes, but they are not aggressive –…

amendment 66 ancient woodland

Environment Bill – Amendment 66 Ancient Woodlands – Perspective Please

The hot news update regarding the proposed change to the buffering of Ancient Woodlands, from 15m to 50m has been rejected, but will be given more protection within the NPFF. Is this good news? It is true that Veteran trees do not always exist on the edges of an Ancient…

wilding book

Wilding Book

I  recommend   Isabella Tree's book on re-wilding, which deals with the project at Knepp. This has been incredibly successful with using ancient breeds of cattle, pigs and other livestock. They have also had large gains in numbers of birds and butterflies, most notably Turtle Dove and Purple Emperor butterfly…