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James Blake Associates – Team – Breaking News

Samantha Rigg, Head of Ecology at JBA, has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to the practice this year and is promoted to Associate Director.

In what has been a really tough year of covid and the extreme surges of work related to the impact of the pandemic on home purchasing and house building, and after taking sole charge of Ecology Department for the first time in January 21, Sam has taken the department from strength to strength. Sam has overseen and managed a super output of excellent work – in excess of the budget and target. Also she has been insightful and managerial in recognising talent within her team and mentoring for her planned roles, whilst doing a great job looking after the training and supportive needs of her excellent team members, to ensure a strong and mutually supportive unit.

Sam has ambitious plans for the growth of the department, creating opportunities for her team members in the future – whilst expanding her scope and ability to serve a wider range of clients.

James Blake stated “I wanted to recognise Sam’s achievements before the Christmas break and year end, and I look forward to her contribution to the James Blake Associates’ management meetings where I know she will be popular with the other members of the Senior Leadership Team, for her positivity, effort and collaborative nature.”

samantha rigg

samantha rigg