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electric car

The State of The UK

There has never been a better time to drive electric: Fuel prices relentlessly seem to rise. Even modest mileage will cost £7k more per annum than electric at current fuel costs: That’s now much more than the extra cost of the electric car in the first place, over a 3…

Barn Owl

Although primarily active at night, as well as at dusk and dawn, barn owls (Tyto alba) can also be spotted hunting in the daytime, especially if they have young to feed. This barn owl was spotted during a reptile survey last week. - Bethan Feeney-Howells Field Ecologist   [video width="1920"…


Its time to bite the bullet and make the change – to a full EV

With petrol price soaring and set to reach even higher levels, and with the price of an average unleaded tank full now being over £100, and even more for SUVs and diesel cars, it’s the right time to go green. - Even at relatively low mileage of £15000 miles per…

spring is coming

Dry, Warm Spring Turns Cool

We have all seen the dry sunny and warm spring weather (common in recent years at times), now turn cloudier & cooler, as arctic air pushes down from the north, with an Icelandic high that would have brought extraordinary cold & wintry weather, back in Jan’ or Feb’. Grey, cool…


Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) – A Quick Explanation

The National Planning Policy (NPPF) demands biodiversity net gain on new developments. Increasingly also nutrient neutrality: That's mostly nitrate and or phosphate discharge not increasing to water courses: Whilst sewage treatment can deal with this via chemical addition, but this is only possible where the system has the required infrastructure…


Development Impacts on Tree Retention

Ten years ago, many developers preferred a clear site to develop: fortunately today I find most (but still not all) developers are little more enlightened, about the cost savings from retaining as much existing green infrastructure as possible in its original state, but also the benefit to the character and…

sustainable business tracker

Our own business

Our own business experience is mirrored across most sectors – as reported in this bulletin: Excepting that is, most notably, that we at JBA are very much more focussed on and driving towards ever greater levels of sustainability in our own business mechanics and in all that we propose and…

samantha rigg

James Blake Associates – Team – Breaking News

Samantha Rigg, Head of Ecology at JBA, has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to the practice this year and is promoted to Associate Director. In what has been a really tough year of covid and the extreme surges of work related to the impact of the pandemic on home…

muntjac deer

In answer to a client wanting to know if the shrubs eaten by muntjac deer

In answer to a client wanting to know if the shrubs eaten by muntjac deer, on a development site, was due to these shrubs being too immature on planting. This was as suggested by a resident managing the resident’s Man-Co. This is of course a case of a little knowledge…