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Need An Epiphany?

At @James-Blake-Associates, we help clients change the way they think about designing and developing greener schemes to instantly SAVE MONEY, make MORE money and save the planet. Contact us today to help you get that lightbulb moment as we have a myriad of ways to save and make more money…


SOS – Save our Skylarks

With a rapid decline in numbers in the UK, James Blake Associates’ latest bird surveys salute this species and offer mitigation schemes to help Save Our Songbirds Spring sees the start of the new ecology seasonal window and a sight to behold is the soaring Skylark and its spectacular song…

Running Ringlets

The Butterfly Effect

Rapidly decreasing numbers of butterflies in the UK calls for more protection for the UK’s kaleidoscopes of colour in the countryside Butterflies are important indicators of a healthy ecosystem that can be used to study the impact of habitat loss and climate change.  Butterflies in the UK have been closely…

Melting Glaciers


The irony is that the technology has been at our beck and call for achieving net zero for decades, and all we have to do is use it. Renewable energy is 9 times cheaper to produce than gas, oil or coal power stations, and so too nuclear. The technology is…

car exhaust fumes


After a 99% concensusus of findings by scientists that human use of fossil fuels is heating the planet, (that’s even greater consensus than the findings on smoking causing cancer and cardio-vascular disease), it is astonishing that the far right wing popularist politicians and their supporters like BBC QT guest Julia…

the queen of england

HM Queen – A message from James

HM Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022 . The Queen has been a constant, a figure head, a touch-stone for the nation though a great time of change and has been part of the bedrock of all that underpins Great Britain, taking for granted her presence and her image has…

Wild flower meddow

5 key factors in establishing wildflower in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Here are 5 key components to achieving the right effect: 1. Ensuring an amenity grass margin: Presentation is everything: Imagine if the wild flower meadow went right to the edge: the residents would have complained that someone forgot to mow the grass! The amenity grass strip provides a frame of…

JBA Bury & West Suffolk Magazine

JBA delighted to be featured in the Bury & West Suffolk Magazine

hot hot hot

Hot, Hot, Hot…Is This Another 1976?

In one way yes, its hot here in the UK, just hotter this time around. In all other ways no. The event of 1976 was caused by a persistent localised high pressure bubble that hung around like the winter version of the 1963 winter event, except in 1976, the high…