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Urban Design

We are committed to designing high quality, sustainable developments.

James Blake Associates

We are committed to designing high quality, sustainable developments by drawing upon our specialist knowledge in urban design, landscape planning, landscape architecture, arboriculture and ecology.

We maximize the interface between built-development and open green space, helping to add value.  Residences overlooking greenspace are proven to sell for a 10% premium over those that do not.  It follows that the more properties with parkland views, the higher the net values.

James Blake Associates understands how to achieve efficient layouts that avoid one-sided access to roads.  Our urban design team will also ensure dynamic street designs with feature buildings at focal points that work with core house types and which secure cost and build efficiency.

We ensure a clear hierarchy of street typologies, from the character of the main bus routes to the tighter profile of secondary residential streets, the courts, the mews, and shared access drives.   It is also important to define character hierarchy of densities from the tighter village core to the looser, less dense lanes with a higher ration of soft landscape areas.

At James Blake Associates we provide a holistic approach to masterplanning which is firmly rooted in the site context and expectations of the developer. With our in-house team of urban designers, landscape architects, landscape planners, ecologists and arboriculturalists we are able to collaborate with our specialist knowledge in order to find integrated solutions to land planning, urban design, architecture, infrastructure and renewable energy.

Our urban design services include:

  • Project Management
  • Site Assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Characterisation studies
  • Capacity testing
  • Viability Assessment
  • Masterplanning
  • Massing studies
  • Open space calculation
  • Adjacency exploration
  • Preliminary traffic circulation and access assessment
  • Sketch design
  • Development briefs
  • Design codes

We prepare masterplans at all scales and levels of detail, from initial concept plans through to detailed design.

Our holistic approach allows us to share our ideas with key stakeholders from early concept stage; this in turn leads to well-presented, high quality and commercially aware schemes.

For further information, please contact us today: / 01284 335 797