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A comprehensive and informative tree and hedgerow appraisal service.

We will advise and support

We guarantee you’ll receive clear and accurate information, as well as comprehensive and innovative arboriculture advice. Our highly qualified team has over 50 years combined experience in commercial arboriculture contracting, and public sector work.

Our team has first rate arboricultural knowledge and engagement skills, and we consistently ensure pragmatic, good-practice solutions for clients that get results, (as our testimonials demonstrate).

The benefits of tree and associated vegetation retention to development, ensure cost savings, instant maturity to the setting, preserved biodiversity and less cost in replacements or re-landscaping.  A key part of our service is to identify trees, hedgerows and other vegetation worthy of retention.  We also provide methods of work that will ensure we keep as many existing good quality trees and hedges as possible, whilst fulfilling our clients’ commercial and development expectations, requirements and objectives.  Existing trees can help developments maintain that vital ‘curb appeal’.

Development can be achieved in close proximity to trees quite successfully, provided that the correct approach is taken. Our experience in using innovative construction methods to avoid root damage has been used on a number of sites. However, some trees will always need to be removed to make layouts and land uses work efficiently, and for urban design and planning terms.  The team can demonstrate effectively, how these losses will work and how any such lost trees can be replaced, often ensuring a longer-term net benefit.

Our arboriculture services include:

  • Pre Purchase Assessments
  • Initial BS:5837 Tree Survey
  • Constraints Plan and Report
  • Implications Assessment and Method Statement
  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Liaison with LPA tree officers
  • PiCUS™ decay assessment
  • Inspection Monitoring for tree works and throughout construction
  • TPO Applications
  • Management plans including woodland management plans

It is often perceived that trees and hedgerows are constraints within the landscape, but we can provide advice which maximises development space and tree retention.  This provides instant maturity and amenity value and reduces the environmental impact.

Trees that need to be lost can be replaced, and the arboricultural team will advise the landscape team on tree choice and location.

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Kingsbrook, Aylesbury

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Trees and Development flowchart

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Land Purchase / Feasibility

  • Initial scoping surveys
  • Detailed BS5837
  • Arboricultural Opportunities & Constraints Plan
  • Tree Constraints Report
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Initial design & planning

  • Design review
  • Indentify tree removals and retention
  • Arboriculturual Impact Assessment
  • Tree Removal and Protection Plan
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Planning consent & detailed design

  • Review conditions
  • Technical design - service requirements and routes
  • Schedule of tree works
  • Detailed aboricultural method statement
  • Detailed tree protection plans
  • Discharge of conditions
  • Tender documentation
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  • Tree removals and surgery works
  • Installation of tree protection
  • Supervision of demolition and enabling works
  • Inspections of tree protection
  • LPA Liaison