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Ancient and Veteran Trees

As well as providing unique and irreplaceable habitats ancient and veteran trees can pose significant constraints, when it comes to potential site development, and consequently should be identified at the earliest possible opportunity.
The assessment process for Ancient and Veteran trees needs to acknowledge their unique key characteristics such as:
  • Very large circumference for the species;
  • Extensive decay and hollowing; and
  • Age related deterioration and crown height reduction
and additional features, possibly comprising:
  • Large quantities of major dead wood;
  • Broken or torn branches;
  • Cavities, crevices and splits;
  • Fungal fruiting bodies;
  • Large areas of bark loss;
  • Lichens, ferns and mosses;
  • Water pools and sap runs; and
  • Rough and deeply fissured bark
It should be pointed out that not all large diameter trees are ancient or veteran, so careful assessment is needed.
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