Vision, Mission, Values & Culture

James Blake Associates


Together we'll make a difference

Creating better, greener places and brighter futures.


A clear vision – to create inspirational, sustainable places, and to:

  • protect and enhance the natural and built environment, and engage with clients and key stakeholders to benefit communities and wildlife.
  • Strive for environmental enhancement through good practice.
  • In line with our Environmental Policy – strive to be ‘green’.
  • Promote value innovations: better / faster / lower cost solutions.
  • Always work collaboratively to achieve a multi-disciplinary improvement to the environment.

JBA Environmental Policy 

JBA Sustainability and Biodiversity Statement 

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Sheep Installation and Art Seats

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  • Working as one single multi-disciplinary team.
  • Continuously seeking creative solutions in an ever-evolving world.
  • Seeking to add value through intelligent strategies.
  • Regularly reviewing outputs to meet aspirations and demands.
  • Nurturing relationships to enable mutual respect and understanding.
  • Always checking for accuracy, clarity and quality.
  • Consistently maintaining a professional approach. 
  • Fostering a ‘can do’ culture within the team.
  • Working efficiently and in cost-effective ways.
  • Working collaboratively with clients, consultants and stakeholders.
  • Taking personal pride in our work and striving for exemplary results.
  • Demonstrating passion for the environments we work with.
  • Caring about our clients, other people, and the wildlife affected by our work.
  • Striving to deliver the ultimate service experience – every time.
  • Deliberately seeking to create a workplace that is empowering, friendly and fun.
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  • Inspiring and enjoyable working relationships internally and externally.
  • Trust, reliability and consistency in delivery and service.  Efficient, professional and diligent at all times.
  • Respect for clients and their requirements.
  • Communication is key.
  • Courteous, available, collaborative and proactive.
  • Empathy, understanding goals and differences.
  • Ownership of work.
  • Accountability and responsibility for results.
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  • We have inspiring, multi-disciplinary teams – experienced, technically skilled, trained, working collaboratively, contributing their own qualities, and supporting each other at all times.
  • Client service – building close relationships through being highly personable with all communications.
  • Fostering internal and external relationships in alignment with our mission statement to enable mutual respect and understanding.
  • Disciplined culture – mastering and optimising our time management, delivery of our work, communication and systems of operation.
  • Consistently maintaining a professional approach, a ‘can do’ attitude and upholding the customer service charter.
  • Encouraging team members intrinsic drive to create the best environments they can, with the circumstances they face, and with the resources they have.
  • Continuously seeking creative solutions, value and innovations in an ever- evolving world.
  • Regularly reviewing outputs to meet aspirations and demands.
  • Consistent, efficient checking for completeness, accuracy and clarity, and maintaining consistent quality of outputs.
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The 7 C’s of our Client Service Charter:

  • Creativity – we strive for innovative, ‘wow-factor’ ideas that add value, save money and demonstrate the clients’ brand differentiation’s.
  • Commercial awareness – a team that understands, appreciates, and responds to client objectives.
  • Caring enough to go the extra mile, taking the time and trouble to fully understand client needs, their objectives and pressures.
  • Communication – warm, friendly, empathetic, helpful and positive communication at all times. Look for the ways and words, to allow everyone to succeed.
  • Cooperation – we have a “no problem” spirit. Courteous collaboration from the whole team to get things done.
  • Certainty – a stable and sufficiently resourced team who share the commitment and passion to deliver quality products and services on time, every time.
  • Consistency – QA systems, ongoing training and relentless attention to time management, deadline management and streamlining systems.