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Software designed for Landscape Architects

LandmARC is specialist Landscape Design software used for producing landscape plans, whether concept, outline or detailed in nature and purpose. It enables the accurate production of working hard and soft landscape plans. The software is easy to use and operates alongside AutoCAD and AutoCAD light.

It allows both the drawing and scheduling of landscape designs, and accurately measures planting beds, trees, hedges, and other landscape elements in terms of area quantity or numbers. Not only will LandmARC provide instant cost estimates, but also, all the quantities needed to feed into a tender document for pricing.

The selecting and scheduling of plant species is also catered for, with a helpful drop down menu of shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants – all arranged helpfully within height and size bands. Once a location is selected for the shrub, LandmARC will determine the number of the given plant choice needed to a pre-set spacing suitable for the size of stock.  The programme schedules the plants accurately too, saving all that counting and the potential for human error.  This is a real-time and energy saver for the designer, allowing more attention to creativity and client attentiveness.

The programme includes lots of useful block templates for requirements such as contractor notes, risk assessments, title boxes, a north sign, a key (with standard items pre-included), instructions for mulches, sheet mulches and gravel, and diagrams for hedge plants.

Cost estimates can be prepared instantly, even from a simple outline scheme, based upon up-to-date contractor rates.  This allows the client to be kept informed of cost implications from an early stage.

The software is continually being developed to meet the changing demands of our clients, technology and methods of working. Our next challenge is to bring it in line with BIM.

LandmARC has been developed by landscape professionals, and is constantly being updated.

The cost is £595 per user per annum, including telephone support.

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